Mail a Martini

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A new age of home cocktail drinking is here! To satisfy your cravings for the perfect home cocktail, we have launched the innovative ‘Mail a Martini’. The iconic gin cocktail is expertly made with Burleighs Export Strength Gin and delivered right to your door! You will receive the perfect martini, fresh from the mixing glass, sealed in a revolutionary pouch, full of all the glorious flavours of Burleighs Gin and perfectly balanced with dry vermouth.

What’s included in your Mail a Martini Box:

  • 110ml Burleighs Export Strength Martini (19.5% ABV)
  • Orange Twist Garnish
  • Serving guide

How it works:

Step 1: Order your martini online from

Step 2: We take it from here! Our cocktail experts will mix the finest Burleighs Gin martini ready to be sealed and sent out in a vacuum-packed pouch that holds in all the delicious gin flavours.

Step 3: Your Burleighs martini will be delivered safely to your door. Place the martini pouch in the freezer until chilled and serve in your favourite martini glass. Voila, the perfect Martini to enjoy in your home.